The poetry I’ve been waiting my whole life to read.  ~LAURA KASISCHKE

Riveting and action-driven, showcasing a bold new voice  ~THE ADROIT JOURNAL

The most urgent, tightly-paced narratives I’ve read in recent memory . . . Each poem had my fingers gripping tightly to the (now) curled pages.  ~STORY SOUTH

Moving and all-too-human . . . Carlson-Wee achieves a more honest version of Keats’s Negative Capability  ~RAIN TAXI REVIEW

Transformative . . . Carlson-Wee crafts images that are raw, precise, and immediate, his language both spare and visceral  ~SLICE MAGAZINE

The evoking of place and sensation is so very precise, while the negotiation of the bonds of relationship remains suggestively mysterious  ~AGNI

There is not a single moment where it is safe to pull yourself from the collection, not a moment to disengage with shifting landscape, memory, and the ruthless bonds of family  ~New Books Network

Dramatic and volatile, filled with an explosive and masculine energy. And yet it’s the subtle but ever-surfacing lyricism radiating out from stunning understatements coupled with precise and nuanced detail that makes these poems unforgettable. Dynamite is a collection that first affects the reader strongly and swiftly—and then achingly and hauntingly over time.  ~JENNIFER GROTZ

So attuned to the music and texture of syllables, the sound-sculptures of syntax, and the complex under-meanings of metaphor, that shaping phrases and sentences to enact (rather than merely express) their own meanings is second nature to him. Anders Carlson-Wee makes the rugged physical and emotional world of the upper plains our world.  ~B.H. FAIRCHILD

Anders Carlson-Wee’s Dynamite will make you wish you knew the birdcall for this book’s kind of danger—the danger of beauty, the danger of change.  ~TRACI BRIMHALL

I love how hard this book looks at the physical world, and how that looking turns into music.  ~ROSS GAY

These brothers speak to one another in a private language made lyric, made public, knowing no matter who they meet along the way, no one will ever know them as intimately as they know one another.  A hauntingly beautiful and unusual debut collection.  ~DORIANNE LAUX

Two-Headed Boy invites us into a dream America is having about itself, where the voices are both the road and the kicked-up gravel dust, memory and the occasion for memory, the flame and its shadow. An entrancing investigation of place and self and other, a spell one never wants broken.  ~MICHAEL McGRIFF

This is a wholly unique and powerful collection of poems. The sense of purpose puts one in mind of Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road,” but the darker need to search for meaning in the American plains and points farther west—a vastness forlorn and almost unknowable—belongs to the shared vision of these two brother-poets. Their journeys through our national ambiguity discover a flicker in our roots, a spark popping from obscurity that rises into the heavens.  ~MAURICE MANNING